May 31, 2012 § 14 Comments

“It was stuck in my head
for days,”
she said –
“until I sat down
and got it out”.
And for a moment
I am scared to death.
She is eight –
nine, maybe… so small
that it’s hard to remember.
But she is
and I am holding
so much potential
in incapable hands.
Build to handle
and made
for mastering
Mozart – my hands
can handle octaves
with ease despite their size
— always much
to the surprise
of the judges –
But there is much
these hands can’t do
for someone so full
of music
that Barbie dolls
and Easy Bakes
are played
to soundtracks
until she gets it out.
She is a living jukebox
of latent masterpiece
A composition prodigy
in potentia
She speaks of the piano
the way gravity
would the heft
of the universe –
as though there’s nothing to it
As though penning music
years ahead
of what today
she could read off the page
is just natural.
I could never have taught her
to be this way.
Instead, I must be careful
not to break it.


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