#156 – Rewrite

May 16, 2012 § 10 Comments

Let’s make imaginary deadlines
to meet like Ira and George.*
Stay up all night with me
in a quiet room –
like the Gershwins.
Sunlight steals
my reverie
so sit with me
Two pads of paper,
a bottle between –
wine and a watchful moon
to ward against
the responsibility of sleep
Bring me a full box of pencils, just sharpened
to those dusty, surgical
points that I love
The lace of lead will stick to the tips
of my fingers, swell the edge of my hand – spreading
as the world is darkened
Like fruit inside a paper bag
we would ripen
Like pianists playing double hands
this Rhapsody would not be Blue
because silence is more creative
if I’m silent here with you
I will reach into the empty air
and find your genius resting there
I’ll hum soprano to your syncopation
Sink sleepless into chicken-scratch
stretched across dawn’s treble clef
and erase the dotted line
where art and life detach
I’ll rummage for phrases on the ceiling,
browsing selections you’ve rejected
break my metronomic heart
with the sounds that you’ve perfected
I’ll bounce ideas off the whites of your eyes
Watch the weather change and seek asylum
in your mindstorms – rain
that falls to these pages
like we’re Americans in Paris
in April –
but we’re still painting stateside
and I’ve got Rhythm
but you’ve got blues
So who’s
to say
the kind of art we could create?
I will share my notebooks with you
You can read every page – except
the ones I’ve written on
those are where my heart is kept
But I will give you every word on my blank pages
the unwritten potential midnight engages
and I would share a spine with you on library shelves
the result of magic deadlines we created for ourselves

*When composers George and Ira Gershwin were facing looming deadlines, they would lock themselves in a hotel room without distraction and work until they completed the necessary projects. Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris, and I’ve Got Rhythm are all Gershwin compositions.

I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth on whether to assign this a new number.  No one but myself will have been around long enough to recognize it – but it has already made an appearance on this blog.  Seeing as how I spent more time on the rewrite than the original though, I decided it deserved a new number indeed!  For anyone interested in seeing the original you can click here: #56


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