About Authored Angioplasty

Writer’s Block sucks.  In an equally frustrating way as waiting for a sneeze.  But it sucks, of course, only for a writer.  That is why they don’t just call it Block – because a non-writer isn’t going to mind if she has not written anything of quality in several months.  In fact, it’s unlikely to even cross her mind.  So I suppose in some way a good case of WB confirms both your greatest aspirations and your biggest fears – that you are afterall, truly a writer.

What it doesn’t do however, is produce anything. So if you have just confirmed both that you thrive on writing AND that you are consistently and irritatingly NOT writing – the only conclusion to be drawn is that something must change!  So this is the answer – a written angioplasty.  A procedure to remove the blockage!

The method has already been proven.  Dolly Parton wrote (and still writes) at least one song every day.  Sometimes, they are going to be silly, sometimes they’re going to suck, but every once in a while you’re going to write a hit.  Let’s say that there are odds to hit-writing – like, 1 in 30.  If you write only when inspiration strikes (and we all know how often that occurs) it will take, what, 47 years to write enough songs to make your first Greatest Hits album?  But if you write at least once every day, you can produce enough No 1’s to line both of your 40-foot tour buses with Grammy’s – and in only about half the time.  (Note: I don’t recommend double checking the math on those numbers – they are long, complicated equations that involve the square root symbol, probably).  Regardless, the conclusion is that skill and chance both improve with frequency.  And in addition, perhaps it also lowers the pressure to write something good.  Instead, the goal is just to write.

I have no quality control here.  Frequently, I wince while hitting “publish,” knowing I am sending something out into the world that I don’t feel is good enough.  But, “good enough” is pressure, and pressure (unless you are a lump of coal) rarely produces art.  I can write bad poems all day long, (in fact, often times I do)!  But when those pieces take on space that is greater than the crumpled pages of my sketchbooks… well, we still don’t have good poetry, but I do have evidence.  Over the past few years, despite some setbacks (like the web designer from hell who cost me not only several hundred dollars but also several poems and my entire database of followers (p.s. feel free to sign up again!) and the occasional sabbatical, this site has become  a written scrapbook of the most important things I have experienced.  So I suppose then, this is no longer just the angioplasty.  It’s the whole dang medical chart!

§ 37 Responses to About Authored Angioplasty

  • Joel M Frye says:

    Hi, Jessica…sorry to see that you left the Cafe. I will keep up with your work here. Hope all is well with you.

    Take care,

    • Hi Joel,

      Yes – while I like the idea of the Cafe, I got too fed up with receiving 300 read requests a day from people I had never even interacted with, as well as a lot of fluffy reviews that didn’t provide anything constructive. I find it more productive to interact with writers through other areas. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Hi Jessica – thought I’d come and have a nosy around as you’ve left some kind comments on my page. I love the notion of pushing beyond the writer’s block concept, because it’s so very true that the only way to get “better” at writing is to consistently write more and more! While I cannot compete with a poem a day (completed), I certainly manage a first draft every day. I then find I am better if I put the thing away for a few days and come back with a fresh eye to edit. I like that you are challenging yourself here and will be interested to read some of your work.

    • While the blog project has been a very successful way for me to stay motivated to continuously produce pieces, it has been far from one per day! I believe I am coming up on one year of this blog and am only just over 100. But the way I see it – it’s probably 98 more than if I hadn’t started 🙂

      I am not one to comment lightly – I am picky and snobby about what I comment on, but couldn’t pass yours up. I stumbled on two poems separately and absolutely loved them – as you know. I will be continuing to stop by your site 🙂

  • This was a fun little jaunt. Some might be tempted to point out that you work math like an English major; I’d rather point out that you defended it succinctly and creatively like a very apt English major.
    I’m looking forward to reading more . . . (of your blog, too)

  • asoulwalker says:

    I also try and write everyday. I also think it is better to post “somewhat publicly” (although sometimes a blog can feel ridiculously obscure and anonymous). And you are totally right; the dictionary is very heavy and the V’s are way in the back.

  • mareymercy says:

    I shamefacedly admit that I post poetry/video/whatever to my blog that I know is garbage on a regular basis. To me, it’s just like saying, well, here’s what I’m up to! I’m always unsure how to respond when those pieces receive critique. I almost feel guilty for not admitting in the post that I know it’s crap. In fact, sometimes I do admit that. I guess I should do that more often…

  • The simple solution to writers block…write about not being able to write it unclogs the drain so to speak. And there is in my mind no bad poetry because poetry is the soul exposed on paper, it’s the good the bad the funny and at times just plain ugly. All emotions laid out in black and white with nowhere to hide.

  • alicorndreams says:

    Hello Jessica
    I guess in my own way that is what I’m trying to do. I’m tired of stifling (either myself, or with some help) my voice. So, I give my voice permission to sing (even if I’m totally tone deaf). I hope to grow in my art…
    Looking forward to reading back through your angioplasty of the last (mumble mumble) posts and through the upcoming ones.

  • I love your daily focus and commitment. Transformative. Looking forward to your collections and musings. (fab title, btw) Best wishes and thanks for reaching out~~

  • A. A.Trivedi says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my poem ‘Anaïs’- especially because you doing so, led me to your blog 🙂

    I enjoyed this post in particular because (at least in my understanding) you highlight that as long as art is being produced, there is potential and where there’s potential there is hope.

    Good job – I shall definitely be revisiting.

  • nectarfizz says:

    I love that you get that sometimes they are good and sometimes they suck. My poems are exactly like that, which is why I can never bring myself to delete the ones that suck…besides the fact that I am never quite sure if it sucks only to me or not. I leave them there..after all..they came from me even when they came to nothing much.

  • Audiogeist says:

    An absolute genius idea. I had the aim of doing the same thing myself…but i’ve failed epically!

    Still, i get about one or two out a month..

    I think, this may be partly to do with a fear of crafting something awful. I have a habit of mulling words over in my head for a while before committing them to paper/arial 10. If i could get myself out of this habit – and overcome the..retentiveness – i think i may have some progress!

  • 2by2weran says:

    Wow my exact sentiments! Thanks for putting them so well. It’s so hard to find those moments of ‘true-genius-inspiration’ (or maybe, rather, those moments find us)… An inspired by what you’re doing here at Verbal Angioplasty! 🙂 why angioplasty though, I’m curious.. 🙂

  • stillight says:

    Jessica… I think I recall reading your work over at the Cafe and was just as impressed then as I am now. But I love the idea of writing a poem a day. After reading ‘The War On Art’ (which I highly recommend if you haven’t read it) I came to the same conclusion; that art isn’t merely based on inspiration alone, but also hard work and perseverance. Persevere! Persevere!

  • bombshel says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your in-depth break down of your blogging purpose and I find myself privileged to join you on this “poem-a-day” journey as well as inspired to continue on my own journey.

    Cannot wait to read more!

  • asoulwalker says:

    I hereby nominate you for the Versatile blogger award. Details on my site on the “Things People Say” page. I love your poetry. Cheers.

  • Azre says:

    Your persistence is inspiring, thanks for the kind comments as well!

  • Susan Michaels says:

    Jessica, I am so inspired by your writing and wanted to nominate you for the Candle Lighters Award for bloggers who add light to the world! You can find out about the nomination and pick up your icon/Candle Lighters Award image to post on your blog if you like by visiting: http://womenswindow.com/2012/01/11/candle-lighter-award-nominations/

    I will also post a link to the award under the Awards tab on my site, and have a list there of bloggers I am nominating. God bless!

  • tyler72 says:

    Miss Jessica Marie
    Your poems simply
    Enthrall me,

    They entertain
    This insane
    Young poet’s brain!

    I greatly enjoyed the poem you left on our little piece of writer’s heaven. I would be lying if I were to suggest that fighting the dreaded Writer’s Block was not a key factor in my own online activities, although I hadn’t really considered Reader’s Block until after reading over the poems posted that week (including your own beautiful analogy–economy meets meteorology; love it!). I plan on using your own wonderful, witty, well-worded works to alleviate some of the symptoms of my latter affliction. 🙂

  • asoulwalker says:

    I accepted the Liebster. You are one of my five picks. Cheers. (Details if desired are at: http://asoulswalk.wordpress.com/things-people-say/)

  • mr.saeed says:

    lovely work… now followong

  • asoulwalker says:

    I nominated you for the 7×7 Link Award. Details here: http://asoulswalk.wordpress.com/things-people-say/

  • gregswim says:

    I am enjoying your poetry. I could learn a lot from you. Your poetry is beautiful and meaningful.

  • festivalking says:

    Your poetry sends me floating :)… and is full of such meaning.
    I’m honoured that you even visited my blog 😀

  • lindastudley says:

    I am day 123 into my ‘poem a day’ journey and I heartily agree, some days they they’re good, some days they’re not! But we’re writing, and exploring, and growing as writers! You have an immense talent and I wish you the best on your angioplastic adventure!

  • Amna M. says:

    I like the way you think.
    And I can relate to the ‘not-good-enough’ pressure. It attacks me before I post anything. Then I realise that it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want on it. 🙂

  • Hi,

    Lovely blog you have here. I’m Tokoni, a fellow blogger. I look forward to reading more of your posts?

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