November 11, 2011 § 8 Comments

Sculptural art of eclectic furniture
Flannel and fleece strewn
Over mismatched post-dorm-room
Homogeny, we are
Draped with the grace
you can only have in your twenties
Stemless glassware scattered, tinted
with drips and stains of varied concoctions,
medicinal brews, post-college prescriptions
and printed with as many shades
of lipstick
Painted toes stretched over heads of couches
Ironed hair dangling over furniture feet
A toast to everything that’s changed, but never
too old for slumber parties


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§ 8 Responses to #129

  • Michael Christian says:

    You do well to capture the paradox of youth through juxtaposition, for example: the “ironed hair dangling over furniture feet” conjures thoughts of one who allows their recently done hair to hang near the floor. And, especially, the closing line which references directly the matter at hand, that everything has changed and yet there is still present the constants which make us who we are. Or in the least, that when presented with change, when we are young we approach it still with a zeal for life.

    –Interesting that this piece follows the last.

  • alicorndreams says:

    It’s really hard when they grow up…

  • Job Conger says:

    A well-done vignette of a special time for the blossoming young. I enjoyed the glimpse. 🙂

  • Thomas says:

    Written by someone who has experienced this time, I would say. Very well done.

  • You’ve captured a snapshot of youth with some wonderful lines, “Stemless glassware scattered”, “Painted toes stretched over heads of couches”, “Ironed hair dangling over furniture feet”. It’s like looking at a photo. Well crafted 🙂

  • Ask Akamo says:

    I see a messy room with passed out, drunk girls who think they have the kind of grace “you can only have in your 20s”.

    Loved it.

  • hey wow. you’ve got talent. i felt this.

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