November 1, 2011 § 12 Comments

I dream of breakfasting
Of meeting, fresh-faced and knit-clad, grasping
Steaming mugs of coffee with both hands
While our heads dip in conversation untimed
By punch clock time locks
Or stirring celery round a bloody mary, bright
Red lipstick imprint left on icy glass of weekday
Mornings unobscured by obligation
But instead I eat fruit from ziplocks over a
Luke-warm logo’d mug, balanced
In one hand so that I can scroll with the other, and so
We live pixie stick dreams of freedom by ordering eggs
For dinner


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§ 12 Responses to #123

  • asoulwalker says:

    “pixie stick dreams of freedom…” wonderful.

  • Funny, I read this poem and then went off and made a cup of coffee, shows dreams can sell, you should be in advertising – well done.

  • “balanced In one hand so that I can scroll with the other, ” – so true! I can see it, in fact I often do!

  • dantrewear says:

    so true; but of course, ones writing is a real freedom, not one we must force ourselves to believe. Thanks – another well-observed piece

  • I enjoyed reading this, it has a bright, enigmatic quality. Liked the ‘punch clock time locks’.

  • Jonathan Taylor says:

    Like this poem. Nice imagery.

    Although I had a funny mis-read:because you capitalize beginnings of lines, I got hung up on “I eat fruit from ziplocks over a / Luke” the first time. I thought “Luke who?” LOL!

    • That’s a great point Luke. Truthfully, my reason for capitalizing is so dumb I am embarrassed to admit it … but it’s because MS Word does it automatically, you know? I type in Word and then copy and paste to WP and got sick of going in and changing them back. If it is important to the read of the poem I will fix them manually here, but otherwise I just let it go. This is one where I probably need to correct it. 🙂

      • Jonathan Taylor says:

        Not a lot of contemporary poets capitalize first lines, but that used to be the standard. You can turn that off in MS Word; it’s in the autocorrect settings somewhere. Leaving them capitalize gives it a formal look, though.

  • Kari Ann says:

    This is beautiful. : )

  • nectarfizz says:

    This has some amazingly good use of the 4 senses in it. I love that there is a texture in both the dream and the reality stanzas. I also love the dream vs. the reality aspect of this as well. I always enjoy poems that make me think.

  • 2by2weran says:

    Hello, love the ‘mornings unobscured by obligation’ and ‘pixie stick dreams of freedom’.. 🙂 don’t just order eggs, order bacon and mash potatoes and buttery brioche to go too!;) perfect combo for any time of the day.

    God bless and keep writing beautifully!

  • You sound like Jame Kavanaugh in this poem – well done !

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