October 31, 2011 § 5 Comments

This piece represents the final piece of my journey from casual runner to marathon finisher! You can see the progression through these 3 previous pieces:

This final piece perhaps belongs chronologically elsewhere in the progression, but I have only just now written it. I feel like it is slightly more personal and slightly less poetic than my normal material – but it is part of the experience nonetheless… so here it is!

That type
They’ve always called me
You know the one –
Accomplish whatever
they decide, whatever goal
they set in mind
But in truth? I’ve never
Don’t get me wrong –
In this game
Of darts?
I throw hard.
It’s not a lack of effort,
But of aim.
I have finished
Many things
That never crossed my mind:
Accidentally graduated
With a degree I’d never heard of, then
Found a job
That didn’t exist before I applied
Passively had the piano
Taught to me
Long enough to penetrate
Simply by being lucky enough
Never to have hated it.
Accidents and luck are
Null and void, of course –
Destinations set for me
Before I hit the road – but the point
Is that I never made the travel plans.
There is really nothing admirable
In reaching destinations
You didn’t first circle on the map
And that
Is why I decided to run a marathon
A hundred times I considered quitting
(always when eighty percent done
With the long
Saturday runs) but I didn’t –
because someone, somewhere,
Already believed I wouldn’t and so
Did I prove to everyone that they were right
In how they’d always seen me,
Or did they actually make me so
Simply in how they thought? I can’t
Be sure – it’s a little like a chicken
And an egg and it’s mostly scrambled,
But regardless of why I
Crossed that road, I know
Finishing was the first time
I truly felt I lived up to
What they called me all my life
And I was changed


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