October 22, 2011 § 8 Comments

“You have to be more romantic…”
And while I knew you meant, as in
A little more 1799 and
A little less precise, still I
Smiled – because (you won’t have known this, but)
You taught me once why students fall in love
With their professors

I learned first-hand how hands
With such capacity could turn
Admiration into some form of
Adolescent propensity, yet I ought
Have been too grown up to give in to such
Perplexity, and while I never had
Delusions of flirtation or relationship, still I
Found myself considering, if ever you
Extended invitation I might actually
Accept it, if simply for the
Heck of it
One lesson, sitting side-by-side in awe of
Your virtuosity I glanced
More carefully
At the rest of the man attached to the hands
That played with such voracity and thought to myself,
“Would I date him? Nah, guess not”
And you stopped
And laughed.
And even still to this long-since day
I can only hope and pray
(or else how totally embarrassing!)
That I pretend-declined you

I’d forgotten completely
about that change in our relationship dynamic
Until I had to smile when you told me that
I ought to be more romantic


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§ 8 Responses to #120

  • jonctng says:

    Oh my god, I absolutely adore this poem!
    I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while – where does your inspiration come from? And what’s your past experience with poetry? I love your poetry and I’m in awe everytime you come out with something so consistently strong!

    Do you write as a career or…?

    • Thank you for the very kind comment, jonctng.
      Lately, my inspiration has been coming from snippets of conversations that intrigue me … things that are either said to me (like above) or things I overhear and then build a poem around (usually imagining what the speaker meant), so the majority of my recent pieces start in quotation marks (I love to start with punctuation! Quotes, parentheses, etc). Starting this blog has really helped me to broaden the horizons of what I write about, because it forces me to write often. I used to only write when the ever-illusive “inspiration” struck 🙂
      I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school, but outside of my blogging adventures, I don’t have much “experience” with poetry – I suppose I’d call it more of “experiments”! Just something I like to play around with.
      And finally – I do not write as a career, though I would like to eventually. Are you a career-writer?

    • GK Asante says:

      Jessica: I found this place quite intriguing, both from a literary and personal perspective. Well done indeed.


  • asoulwalker says:

    I had an English teacher once… ah, the memories…

  • This is really cute……. silent admiration into then silent decline of an invitation never offered……. absolutely adorable…. I love this..

  • dantrewear says:

    this is great; personal, funny, accessible and clever with words. thanks!

  • Jonathan Taylor says:

    I like how you weave conversation into this poem. The description and vocabulary seem authentic, not forced.

  • Britt says:

    “if simply for the Heck of it” made me punch the air. love this poem.

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