October 5, 2011 § 5 Comments

You are an archer
Trained eyes and arms.
You level barrages –
The painful end of pointed remarks land
with accuracy indicative of intention
and practice
Paperclip punctures – no one
will bleed to death
But have you ever pricked a pinhole in a water balloon?

Your quiver of ammunition is padded
with justification
and you hand it over, occasionally
like a passive-aggressive apology
– Not to your victims
but me, I think.
Because you’re sorry that I have seen
you with your arching arms raised.

I float in a bubble above you, I know
and you would never risk a puncture
I’ve not only had your passive
protection – refusing to attack
but the active defense of your sniper’s eye
To ward off incoming threats –
But have you ever heard of friendly fire? I know
you’ve never lined me up in your scope
But to stand as close
as I’ve had to to stand at your defense
I can’t always stay
Out of the way
Of your ricochet.


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