September 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Watching the sun yawn
And close her sleepy eyes
I sit perched on the edge of tomorrow
Only held from my bed by the hands that are stumbling
Over the keys of my piano
I feel sympathy, briefly
For flats and sharps and general keys that seem
To scream a bit in anger
At the child who refuses to read them
And for the ears in other rooms, still hearing
Minimal measures like a disc scratched with skips –
One more time
One more time
(Almost always a lie, I think to myself –
For accuracy I should remember
My disclaimer
Just one more time, yes –
If you do it right
And I smile to myself, and then at the child
Who mistook the look for one
Of satisfaction, and thinks perhaps this time
She got it – and uncharacteristically
In the interest of her evening I forego
The speech she needs – that she is wise enough, she ought
To know all by herself if it was right
(Instead of glancing at me with those questioning eyes!)
But instead I simply tell her thank you,
That’s enough for tonight.


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