August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I toss you the keys – hey, you
Take the wheel on this one, but
We may as well jump
In the blue mustang I dreamed of
In days of the Nancy Drew fan club
I play make-believe, still
From the passenger seat
Day-dreaming through day-break haze
And a smudgy windshield toe-print glaze
While this four-wheel four-door world whirls
Past state lines and street crimes, I find
Myself forgetting that tomorrow, still
I will have to drive
But this leather-bound interior is muddled
With classic novels and reality TV
Fine wine and dry whine and the
Softness of sleep – I’ve never
Been good at staying awake
When I’m comfy.
Your hologram beside me
Is everything I need and outside,
Where I can breathe – I see
More clearly perhaps but here –
With seatbelt security
I can feel
How right it seems to make believe.
These keys
May as well be chunky bright colors
On a white plastic ring
(Then, I could sink my teeth in) –
Because that’s how real this is.


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