August 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

Posted: A position
Start date: Immediate
Pay : Based on
On the inspiration
of your interviews
Because I am looking
to hire a muse.

Round 1:
You must stand
Upon a pedestal
Which I have built in my own personal
As I circle you, chewing
On the end of my pen, inspecting
And I will tap the cap
Against the edge of my dark-rimmed
Glasses and murmur
Words of judgment, of appraisal
None of which will you understand
And when complete I will, simply
Nod – coldly
And excuse you.
Good day.

Round 2:
You must sit
Attentively, across
My mahogany desk, watching
The flitter of the pencils sticking
Haphazardly from my harried bun
As I pound, energetically
On the well-worn keys of a dinging
Without a word as I
Will write your dialogue
And when finished I will, simply
Extend an arm
Toward the door
And excuse you.
Good evening.

Round 3:
You must tell
that taste like tobacco
and coffee
That are warm on the tongue
And bitter on the palette

You must sing
A history
of sandpaper
and superglue
that grinds on the muscles
and clings to the bones

You must read
like the prose
of a chess board
and traffic jams
straight lines of order
that break all the rules

You must dance
with the movement
Of sparrows
And holograms
Extended arms and a
Disappearing act

You must fight
An assault
Of ginger
And cinnamon

Must speak
In the tongues
Of men
And of angels

Must write
With the ink
Of a quill
And a trumpet

Must love
With the force
Of a storm
And an ocean

Must live
With the light
Of a candle
And lightning

And then I will –
Close the curtain.
Good night.


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