August 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

I will give my daughter
A rain-boot-and-knee-pad
Battle armor

With even the largest umbrella
I cannot protect her from the weather
But rain can only dampen spirits
If you can’t celebrate the puddles
And knee pads to remind her
Of the way the Lord designed her
So that nothing here could keep her
From dropping to her knees

I will give my daughter
battle armor

Poles to reel in dads and grandpas
who can teach more about feeling
like a princess than a crown ever could
And more about how she should be treated
Than a high school athlete ever should
An eyelash curler to teach her
To prepare for each day mouth open, eyes closed
Then to greet the world wide-eyed and smiling
Confidently with cracks exposed

I will give my daughter
White bedroom walls
And crayons
And white paint
And crayons
And then more white paint
So she can learn creativity …
And grace

And I will give my daughter
A lipstick ritual –
We will write on her mirror
And every time she looks inside
She’ll be reminded
Of what is truthful


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§ One Response to #93

  • C. E. Viard says:

    Despite the (lets say) tinge of ‘devotionalism’ in your piece- You made the love you have for your daughter almost tangible to me. I was truly touched by your words in a way that most poems of this character fail to convey. Simply lovely.

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