June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the Heart of the Traveler

I bid you not safe travels
I bid you not smooth sails
Instead I bid adventure
And all that that entails
I pray you find discomfort
Challenge, pain and strife
I pray that unused muscles
Be exerted on your life
I pray that you feel lonely
So you draw up near to God
I pray you find a family
Of love and arms to rest on
I pray that if you cry a day
Over everything you’ve left
That you will cry at least three more
At how much your trip is blessed
I pray that God will break your heart
For all that’s breaking His
And that you will be stretched and challenged
By greater sacrifices
I pray you meet the devil
In a battle sword to sword
Because there is glory in the story
When you triumph with the Word
I pray you face a hundred challenges
You feel you’ll never conquer
Because after He brings victory,
He will bring you back here stronger
I will pray for strength and courage
And for all God blesses you to do
That you will bring glory to the Name
And remember Who has sent you.

Isaiah 6:8

For my many friends who are leaving the homes they love this month – whether it is to leave the state, the country, or their overseas families to return to their blood relatives. Whether it is for a week, three months, or a lifetime. Change is never easy, and home is not always where the heart is. May your hearts be always where the Lord is leading, and may He bless you for following.



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