May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Childhood prayers
For a halo and wings –
Grow up to be
An angel, I dreamed

Consigned myself
That it would never be –
Dreams of angelhood
Confined to TV

If only I’d known
How false that would be –
The one “Touched by an Angel” [s]
Was definitely me

Though not the part
I longed to play
Same miracles done –
A life still changed

I’ve never seen
Real wings but I
Have seen crossword puzzles
And smiling eyes

I’ve seen sparkling bookmarks
With hand-scrawled prayers
Had tearful conversations
And french-braided hair

I’ve held their hands,
Their royal dark violets
Sipped their coffee,
Their vodka and tonic

I’ve played duets
With hands larger than octaves
Treasured African wax
And a silver cross necklace

I’ve sought their advice
Their comfort, their love
But found their friendship,
Their wisdom, their trust

I need a name
For blessings in skin –
It doesn’t do justice
To just call them friends



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