May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am just one word
In this language you created
Penned by Your own hand
In starlit ink that never faded.
Linking hands and forming phrases
Aligning lives and filling pages.
I am just one word
Of a cosmic nature tongue
A noun, a verb, an adjective
Spoken by the One.
A language free of phonics
Spelled in sound and space and history
A life, a word, a note
In the Composer’s Earthen Symphony.
I am one word whispered
From the wind to ears of clouds
One word murmured by the ocean
A sunset prayer with fire-head bowed.
Footsteps tracing words
Weaving legacy in stories,
Echoing words of heartfelt praise
In lives reflective of your glory.
One word seeking significance,
I stand openly for You
A calligraphy script of eternal time,
I am waiting for Your cue.
The newest testament of a modern disciple
I submit to the Rock of Ages
That Your will be done through me this day,
In faith surpassing language.

Child, listen to these words
That I silently speak to you
For the words I bring together
Are Heaven’s choir of crystal clues.
Hear Me speak in the dark of night
Seek My Voice through noise of day
For I am the only Writer
And your world, my parchment page.
You are one word in a story I tell
With pride and with perfection
In a timeless language you don’t yet speak,
But you are formed in my reflection.
You may be only one small quiet word
But what difference could it make,
For if you are a word I am speaking,
Then even the Earth shall quake.



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