April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Steps that measure distance
By toe prints left in sand
Are less than blinks in Time’s great eye
Insignificant lengths of land.

Steps that mark a journey
Even centuries to complete
Are pin pricks poked in Night’s black sky
In moments, obsolete.

Steps that journey worlds
And fill novels with their glory
Are just the Writer’s napkin jottings –
Anecdotes in Time’s story.

In Time, the steps that matter
Are those of Love’s great strife
Steps from Hell to Heaven
The three day path to Life.

Steps recorded in bloodied trails
Unwashed by the harshest of Tides
Water that poured when the Blood could no longer –
Clear rivers the Body cried.

Eternal steps by unsandaled feet
Punctured and left suspended
For the darkest of hours that Time has counted
Before the Journey ascended.

Steps crawled desperately on broken knees
Are now honored by kneeling hearts broken
Entreating cries for forsaken Love
Echo milleniums of Healing unspoken.

Steps incomparable in eternal Time
Left a Path forever traceable
Pain indescribable endured by One
For another’s Gift Irreplacable.

In darkness let me Fall before You
In pain of heart and mind
Break me down to dust and ashes
Destroy these ties that bind.

Puncture my limbs and prick my heart
That I may bleed these sins
And on this Eve of Time Unending
Let this be where my steps begin.

~ A vintage piece, in celebration of this Holy Week.



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