March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I miss the days of secret languages
The way that childhood understood me
Completely in simplicity
Because the best friend of a girl who is nine needs only
to share nailpolish and pass notes .
and all that matters can be communicated eye to eye,
over bus seats wordlessly
And the best friend of a girl who is sixteen only needs
to talk for hours about nothing –
the kind of nothing that is everything when you’re sixteen
and to fight and yell and never speak again
for an hour and to be friends again
like nothing ever happened and like nothing ever would because that friendship
is everything
And the best friend of a girl who’s twenty-something needs only a heart for running and walking but mostly walking and always talking
and an email address and a long distance drive
and the stakes are higher now, the times are changing now
but this girl has had the best best friends a girl could ask for
but now she asks for more
because girlfriends come and go or may not ever go
but will not ever be all of everything
a girl could need and times are never as simple as they seem,
never as “ever” as they claim but somewhere
there is someone who you pray will never change
with time because somewhere there’s forever
and a whole new secret language to find



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