March 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

She is broken
She is healing
She is drama
She is feeling
She is cracking
She is mourning
She is priceless
She is scorning
She is young
Or she is growing
She is telling
She is showing
She is many things
To many eyes
An instant change
Without disguise
She is seeing
She is blind
She is yours
But never mine
For she exists
Within these lines
And she is strengthened
In their rhyme
And you are calling
To her soul
Or you are doubting
Her control
You’re a cynic
Or a reader
Or a fan
Or a believer
You’re a stumble
Or a mimic
Or a regular
Or a critic
But the fact is
All the meaning
Is a result
Of what you’re seeing
It’s not the writer
That you’re reading
But your own heart
That is beating
She is words
But you are mirror
And on these pages
Both are clearer
Raw emotion –
Poet’s perfection
But meaning is always
Reader’s reflection



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