March 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Fill in the blank but it’s just blank
And I’m tired of closing lashes on long lists of mistakes
Because my lashes see the things I see
And I can coat them into “pretty”
And I can cry them into streaks but they
And surely it is not the lashes that do the viewing,
But my eyes have given up on me
And so I list again
I sketch the woman who is not perfect
(because that would be a sin!)
But who is flawless
That is, to be less the flaws I am today
Which is not perfection – I’ll find new ones anyway
It’s just less,
And less is math, simple subtraction
so I sum away a flaw’s abstraction
Arbitrary numbers I’ve assign to the list
To systematically discover the total of my weakness
Like a rock to chip away or a pedestal to climb
But I sink further from the finish each time I draw that line
And spreadsheets don’t make for kind reminders
It’s harsh reflection seems as though
My soul may not fit between column and row
I have carefully calculated room for error
Theoretically analyzed equation and mirror
I hear often, people say “It will be better when I blank”
But better isn’t ever in the blank
Better is a thousand solutions for a hundred problems
Each more unreachable than the last
And it’s true – I’m outraged by the things I know better than to do
But your best is the best that you can do, or so they say
But why? It’s just mascara over lashes anyway



§ One Response to #51

  • cestlavieladypatience says:

    You started off deep and then simplified it. I like it! Oh and I just started writing and posting poetry on my page as well.

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