March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is an extradition of eccentricity
that is, the surrender of the fugitives
of peculiarity
The old woman who drags rain boots along dry pavement
like a flood may always rise
The new-age old-soul musician
who sees no need to comprimise
The child who believes that left and right are different
So no two socks should be the same
The girl who holds her own
On the varsity football team
The man who taps on lamposts
like they are searchlights in his fog
The girl who needs 4 kisses
to shield her from the wrongs
The father who likes peanut butter on pizza
The rabbi’s son who converts his faith
The daughter who gets dressed on her own
The artist whom people underestimate
The popular girl who dates the nerd
The boy in band who chooses the flute
The man who sings with his headphones
Out loud on his subway commute
The call of the wild,
The communion of saints
A toast to the Different,
A tribute to the Brave.



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