March 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Vintage slavery, owed and owned
Unequal treatment, preference condoned
Indebtedness along ledger lines
For distances that grow with time
Unequal payment for hearts with brutality
This is historic illegality
This is when the tropics fall for the actics
When the mathmatician desires the artist
This is Capulets by birth who choose
To cross the Equator for Montagues
These are modern stories in powedered wigs
Shakesperean lines in text messages
These are timeless mysteries never solved
Age-old characters who never evolve
This is the merciless death of new passion
Slain at the careless feet of the vapid
This is a peasant never knighted
Potential and power unrequited
This is the monologue, the story’s end –
This is the beginning of “it might have been”



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