February 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Brown eyes that match brown hair uncovered
And that uncover wars of worlds
Two eyes that tell two stories
In two languages unheard
You are a missing link longed for
By the hands that hold the chains
And one step out of place
Of your mothers’ hands and knees
You are abandoned by those
Who harvest your power
Left to mine your own salt
In a lone ritual shower
You are a language unspoken
In times that dawn new
But just blue jeans and car keys
From the life your mother knew
You are valued as a teacher,
As a leader to defend
But cast out as a woman,
As a daughter, as a friend.
While the male sheiks who surround you
Respect your considerate dissension
The honor they granted your uncovered head
With their attention
Is not their willingness to listen
But their willingness to hear,
For for you they have broken
The oath to purify their ears
And as you speak these words of change
To the world you are christening
Women around the world
You’ve never spoken to are listening.
You exist in duplicity,
Mourning death of the first life you knew
But pull worlds to synchronicity,
Respecting rituals that have excluded you.
One hand in your mother’s
Head covered, mouth closed
And one in your daughter’s
Ancient secrets disclosed.



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