December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Toss jacks like a child
but scoop up daggers because your words are like
echos in hallways that I outgrew
when my socks still matched my stirrupped pants
and you throw insults like gym balls I’m
constantly dodging
And smile sweetly like we’re
Friends but critics whisper through
Grinning lips that tell me
Playdates with my insecurities, you have
Ammunition from my honesty and you
Chase the feelings I fear through the
Playgrounds of my past but let me tell you –
I’m not playing anymore.
Build your castles by believing you’re better
Precarious stacks of blocks
But your lists of my weakness don’t protect your walls
I’m not on Defense anymore
You are running toward me and I see
the intent in your eyes but this is tag
And you’re not It – you are running “from”
just like I am running “from”
And it’s what’s behind you
On which you ought to wage this game of war
Because your cards don’t beat me anymore.



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