November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Slip off the stilettos
That click in hollow hallways
And slip quietly from the masses

Touch the rough stone walls
That catch my nails and snag my sweater
And think of nothing

Until my feet hit the tile
And its coolness feels against nylons
Like it did on tiny toes in tights

And it reminds me

I was cold then too
And I was sneaking
Secretly exploring

Longing to get lost
To find an ageless secret passage
Within what I knew were brand new walls

I reveled in the stones that spoke of God
And the walls that whispered wisdom
The silent oak that sought for prayers
And the books that beckoned knowledge

And it felt like I could have spent hours
Hidden away in bell towers
The crepe paper cathedral of a child’s soul

But I got bigger and these ceilings
And the faces of saints that sat around me
Faded to minimal sketches of broken lines and I


Myself to the empty circle and didn’t
Seek and didn’t
Grow and I forgot

What these hallowed hallways felt like

And in the moment that the chilled floor
Calls to my craving soul the only feeling more powerful
Than how far away its been

Is how close it all still is



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