November 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

I have grown up, but you
Have grown old and the lasting image
Ingrained in my lids that
Flickers when the music in my mind
Flashes to you
Says youth and beauty and harmony but the
Two-dimensional back-lit photo is all I see today
It doesn’t detail the transatlantic people who
Drew those lines across your face or
Elucidate the worries that have
Painted your skin with age
It only reminds me of the synchronicity of time
And that a decade to you on the far side of the world
Or the near side of tomorrow
Is a decade to me beneath a four-season blanket
Of ends and change
And just how much that can mean
In truth I had forgotten you
Memory of words and images, the
Evidence of your existence
Slipped away for years but what
Evaded eyes and heart always
Lived within my ears because the sounds I
Treasure most are those you
Gave to me
Resurrected scattered moments
Piece together images like
Lacing up clock hands and compass needles
And I wipe tears with fingers that remind me
That it all began with you



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