November 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

You were grasping at straws and clinging to paper
On the precarious edge of the end
When the delicate ropes went up in flames
And the circus tents caved in around you

I stood to run, to catch you
But black leather arms were faster
And you clung to the tar that buries you live
Self-destruction began to choke you

I held my tongue to hold your heart
Because my silence kept you talking
And I held the hope that I was helping you
By simply sitting in your darkness

You tumbled down spiral staircases
And waded over slippery rocks
Floating carelessly in dangerous waters
And I was only treading beside you

I held the words that offered healing
Held back the life vest you needed
Hid behind gestures that muffled my words
In selfish fear that you’d feel forsaken

You stood on the cliff and I held your hand
But I didn’t hold you back
So I kept the friend who lost her soul
And now there’s nothing left to hold



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