November 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

Guttural sounds permeate “conversation”
Irrelevant answers to questions and statements that disintegrated without sound
That fell off cliffs as steep as the angle of the stare of your distant eyes
Refrains that don’t echo the undisputed genius of your own unmatched intelligence are
Wasted air.

You survive by the grace of your own conversation alibis
Escapes from the need to participate
Sentences fade into sneering laughter
The brutal interruption of the crinkled face of mockery
And snide remarks behave as punctuation
Erasing evidence that there may have been interaction
From the mindless matter of a useless bystander

Cruel remarks pour like verbal vomit
Words that throw down landmines
Draw boundaries for the field of battle,
Discredit your opposing witnesses and
Wage war.

Public announcements of uncalled judgments masquerade as secrets
Whispered only because more people hear them that way
You speak with the points of needles when hushed
and the blades of daggers with volume

Vile toxicity dressed in the costume of glamour
Hiding the heart under layers of silk and mascara
But the expensive shoes don’t hide your truth –
You know, Cruella wore stilettos too



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