October 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

The power of darkness may hope to obscure
And flaming demons may try to destroy
But neither has hope to cover the Truth –
indestructible evidence in Fingerprints

The mark of My hand on the skin of your heart
As I touch where you hurt and you heal
A remnant of Power, the proof of Grace –
My identity pressed into you

I will cover your eyes and pass by where you stand
That you may see for only a moment
The place where I stood, as the God of the past
For in life, I am always before you

You shall never see the lines of My face
Or the movement of My hands at work
For your tiny soul would burst at the seams
You could not survive the voltage

But I will leave for you a permanent mark
Undeniable in its intentions
As pure as the oil from My Finger
And forever your life will be altered

Do not attempt to make descriptions
You stifle me in boundaries of words
Nor paint my likeness upon a canvas –
Your inks are only colorful swords

Instead feel the wind that brushes your skin
As My robes rustle just out of your eyeline
And recognize the Evidence I’ve layed out before you –
For your paths are in the lines of my hand

Ex 33:21



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