October 27, 2010 § 3 Comments

Our bodies crave to give you glory
And mouths form words from beyond our minds
We lift our voices, lift our arms
And You raise us up in Your mighty hand
Restoring our spines from beneath the palm of the world
And allowing us to breath freely again
You are holy –
The words escape with the ease of an exhale
Pour out as though the air thirsts for them
And linger, entangled in Your fingers
Wrapped up with me within Your robes
For these words – Your massive words
Have drawn me here.
Kneeling before you, privileged by your presence
But yet all is still for me –
It is not as though I have gifted this time
For I am the last thing you could need.
Instead, You are healing this small corner of the world
From pain I never even recognized
Bandaging wounds I have yet to feel
And strengthening the weaknesses I hide behind
My body falters, my heart aches
When I am parched and worn and beaten
I can search the world, seek the living
But my thirst is for holy water
I come to You, to praise Your name
Though I do not deserve to see You
And you exchange these tiny words
For floods of Your power and glory.



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