October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

College-ruled timelines that stare up
Like blank blue reflections of an empty heart
As apropos artwork of all that is visible
Of the sudden thrust of the future.
Endless pages without a thought,
A to-do list that reminds you
Incessantly –
Literally –
Figuratively –
That there is nothing left to do.

Two empty mugs and four empty drawers that scream
This place doesn’t belong to you
And half-height walls of bland material you should stand on
– Not stare at –
are meant to stifle surrounding noise
But only serve to frame the blank
And echo the empty refrains that play between them

Time passes slowly
As though it too is bored by the emptiness
As though the temporal pulse died
With the life you left behind
And from now until the end of time
Nothing will ever change.


It is six months
Which feel like six days
And the cluttered desk is graced by a stiff brown spine
The cardboard remains of to-do lists done
It’s pieces and parts both used and abused,
Laying folded and torn,
Crunched, strewn or tossed
With circles that rest messily around
stray words that trail along behind
pictures and lists and the messy fingerprints
Of productivity.

The black ink evidence of goals defined
And the smeared yellow glow of success
Winding thought trails and brutal destruction –
The hasteful remains of a project change
(And change again)
But thousands of crisp blue lines are now blotted
With florescence and crinkled
To oblivion and it’s time
For a new notebook.
And life again is normal
But mostly, life is good.



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