October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Stand here on this hallowed ground
With all who have stood beore you
Lift your hands in reverent worship
While peace bells toll around you.
Here there are no bones or skin
Physicality is mere
Beneath the veil of Earthen air
Purely soul will celebrate here.
Waters of suffering normally still
Rush at the sound of these bells
For even the tides will rise to worship
As the waves of Majesty swell.
Twighlight bells toll the call to vespers
The world is hushed into silence
The Power of Healing is knelt to here
The eyes of the stars close in reverence.
Time stands here in translucence
Where present and past can mingle
Voices of life rising in song
While whispers of memories linger.
These are bells of liberation
Victory in the cosmic tongue
Resurrection from ash and dust
A hard-fought battle beautifully won.
Freedom bells that would have echoed at sun rise
When no manna came with the dew
Like milk and honey, your journey complete
And those bells now ring for you.



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